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Q&A – SICHC Patient After Hours Nurse (AHN)

After Hours Nurse - Candice Cook-Cline
Aug 31, 2021

A nurse is always on-call to help.  By Candace Cook-Cline, LPN   Q. How do I contact the AHN, and when are they available? A. The AHN is available anytime the clinic is closed (early mornings, evenings,...Read More 

Take Good Care – Stay in the Game!

SICHC Sports Medicine
Aug 31, 2021

By Shannon Dooley, MSN, FNP Whether you’re playing a pickup game in basketball, heading back on the field in high school sports, enjoying an occasional hike or bike ride, or just enjoy being active,...Read More 

What to Know about School-Based Health Care

School-based Healthcare
Aug 31, 2021

Have you heard the term “school-based health care” and wondered what it meant? Or maybe you thought it was just a case of the school nurse taking temperatures or dispensing over-the-counter remedies...Read More 

Dealing with Grief

Dealing with Grief
Aug 12, 2021

by Theresa Faulkner, LCSW Grief is a normal human emotion. But it can be hard to know if you are making progress in how you are handling a loss, or if you need to reach out for advice or support. In this...Read More 

Helping Your Child Adapt to Kindergarten

Helping Your Child Adapt to Kindergarten
Aug 11, 2021

by Kathryn Poole, Family Nurse Practitioner Being in kindergarten is a big step for your little one. But there are ways you can help your child mentally prepare for the transition and, along the...Read More 

Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 update
Aug 5, 2021

by Yolanda Yoder MD At the beginning of the COVID pandemic spring 2019, we pledged to help keep our community informed so that they could make wise decisions. Now 1 1/2 years later, we are all tired of...Read More 

Team-Based Care: What It Is & How It Benefits You

SICHC - Team Based Care
Jun 28, 2021

Among the many things the pandemic has taught us is the importance of having a community around you. Working together as a team, sharing knowledge and providing support is beneficial in so many ways, which...Read More 

Protection – It’s Worth a Shot

SICHC - Protection, It's worth a shot
Jun 28, 2021

By Yolanda Yoder M.D. The good news is here! Effective vaccines are available and being administered that can help end this deadly COVID-19 crisis. We all look forward to the day when our community and...Read More 

What to Know About Mammograms

SICHC - Reduce your risk of Breast Cancer
May 4, 2021

By Stephanie Frye – Family Nurse Practitioner May 9 starts National Women’s Health Week and with that in mind, let’s talk about the health of our breasts.  Breast Cancer: Rates and...Read More 

What You Should Know About HPV

SICHC - What you should know about HPV
May 4, 2021

By Stephanie Frye – Family Nurse Practitioner There are more than 150 different types of HPV. They can range in appearance from small, painless, rough-surfaced warts to larger, more painful...Read More 

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