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How Your Child Can Have a Fun, Safe, and Healthy Summer

Jun 28, 2022

By Curtis Thill, M.D. Ready to have a great summer with your kids? When it comes to enjoying life, many can remember their fathers or mothers saying, “Health is your greatest wealth.” As a long-time...Read More 

You Can Reduce Your Risk of Stroke Today

Stroke Prevention Blog Post
May 3, 2022

By Curtis Thill, MD It’s not a pleasant fact, but one worth considering, especially since you can take steps to reduce the risk of having it happen to you. What is it? By the time you finish reading...Read More 

Important Health Care Issues for the “Woodstock Generation”

Read Dr. Thill’s Wellness Recommendations
Apr 5, 2022

By Curtis Thill, M.D. Four decades ago, today’s Boomer generation in their 60s and 70s once thought they would never age. The biggest and most influential generation in American history, the once-known...Read More 

What Women Should Know About Endometriosis

What Women Should Know About Endometriosis
Mar 9, 2022

By Melissa Ray, FNP It can first appear as chronic unexplained abdominal or lower back pain, or unusual conditions during a menstrual cycle. The pain can inexplicably get worse before and during menstruation,...Read More 

Five Great Ways to Boost Heart Health

Heart Health
Jan 27, 2022

By Donna Charles, LPN, CHW and Cynthia Gillespie, CMA, CHW  Did you know that every day your heart pumps the equivalent of about 2,000 gallons of blood through your body? If you counted the times your...Read More 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Type 2 Diabetes

FAQs About Type 2 Diabetes
Nov 22, 2021

by Jennifer Shafer, MSN, Family Nurse Practitioner Diabetes is a word that many of us don’t like to hear, especially when it may affect us personally. What are the facts? Today, diabetes can be treated...Read More 

Take Charge of Your Health

Take Charge of Your Health
Nov 22, 2021

By Curtis Thill, MD As a long-time physician serving people in Crawford County and the region, I know that thinking about health can be an unsettling. Why? For one thing, it can represent the “great...Read More 

Dealing with Extra Stress During the Holidays

Nov 22, 2021

By Teresa Faulkner, LCSW Beautiful fall foliage. Great memories of grandmother’s special pies and cakes. Christmas music favorites on the radio.  And rising stress levels. Across the board.  Even before...Read More 

Finding and Receiving Affordable Health Care

Nov 22, 2021

Are you currently without healthcare insurance and concerned about your health? Fearful of potential high medical costs, some people will delay seeing a doctor or other healthcare professional. A once...Read More 

Living Healthy as Seniors

Living Healthy as Seniors
Nov 9, 2021

By Curtis Thill, MD As a long-time physician serving in southern Indiana, I can tell you from experience that many people living here face unique challenges. Good health usually means we can also enjoy...Read More 

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