Protect yourself against Covid 19

Protecting Yourself in a continuing time of COVID-19

From its original appearance in 2020 to current variants, the COVID-19 virus has proven itself to be one of the most infectious viruses in recent American history.

How serious is this? In Indiana more than two million Hoosiers have been infected with COVID-19. Many have had to be hospitalized and more than 25,000 people in Indiana have died from the virus. That’s the equivalent of totally losing a city with a population like Seymour, Huntington or Jasper. All in just two years.

Free at-home COVID-19 testing kits are now available! Order yours now (four free tests) by going online:  Or consider visiting these Indiana testing locations.

Defend yourself

The best defense from COVID-19? Get vaccinated with one of the approved vaccines. The vast majority of Hoosiers who have had to be hospitalized with severe symptoms of COVID-19 were not vaccinated.

The good news is that millions of Hoosiers have taken this advice.
If you’re not vaccinated, go online to and register. Or call 2-1-1.
Here’s an important point: some breakthrough cases of COVID-19 among vaccinated people do happen, but the severity is generally much milder. Hospitalization is much lower among vaccinated people.

If transportation is an issue, try these resources or call your medical insurance provider for more information:
Orange County Transit – (812) 723-4043 or (888) 826-2920
• Blue River Services (Transportation) (Crawford, Harrison, Scott and Washington Counties) – (812) 738-1681
The American Public Transportation Association
• Community Transportation Association of America
INDOT (Indiana Department of Transportation)
• Bedford – Rural Transit – (812) 277-9615

Consider precautions

The point? Personal precautions are still advised. They can be disruptive, but they offer important protection.

The COVID-19 virus most typically spreads through tiny droplets from the nose or mouth. When someone with the virus coughs, sneezes, talks or even sings, virus-laden droplets can spread.

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Please follow the SICHC Facebook page for current updates and information. For additional details, check out these Facebook groups:
• Crawford County – Facebook Covid Connector Group
• Orange County – Facebook Orange County IND COVID-19 Support Network

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For our safety and depending on your need, we can schedule your appointment via a Virtual Visit, or an In-Office Visit. 

When you arrive for your appointment, please consider wearing a mask especially if you feel like you have the flu or may be contagious, and have a photo ID, and if available your insurance card.

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