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What are Adverse Childhood Experiences - ACEs?

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ACEs are serious childhood traumas that result in toxic stress. This toxic stress may prevent a child from learning and playing in a healthy way with other children. It can also result in long-term health problems.

Exposure to ACEs can increase the risk of teen pregnancy, alcoholism and alcohol abuse, depression, harmful drug use, multiple sexual partners, intimate partner violence, smoking, suicide attempts, and unintended pregnancy. Physical effects can include heart disease, liver disease, and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

The good news is that ACEs are treatable, and preventable. If the community works together to build individual, family, and community resilience, there is an opportunity for improving health.

Who We Are

A Trauma-Informed Community Effort

Thrive Orange County was founded in early 2019.  School teachers and health care workers began to have conversations about adverse childhood experiences (ACEs).

In their workplaces, they could see the effects of ACEs and trauma on children and adults.  Thrive Orange County has evolved into a growing group of community stakeholders.  We all share a common interest in growing a safe, stable, nurturing community for all.

Building resilience is a way of giving children and adults hope after bad things happen

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