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Thrive Orange County is a [upstream data-driven cross sector] coalition of community leaders and citizens committed to creating a safe, stable, nurturing community for all. We focus on increasing community awareness of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), advocating for the adoption of trauma-informed practices, deploying evidence-based and evidence-informed interventions to prevent ACEs and cultivate resilience.
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Building Resilience and Healing for the Next Generation

Every child faces challenges of one degree or another. Most of them healthy. 


verb \’thriv 1: to grow vigorously : flourish. 2: to progress toward or realize a goal despite or because of circumstance 3: to succeed in the face of adversity : prosper

But when childhood experiences become rough – and cross the line into abuse or trauma – negative consequences of this toxic stress can last a lifetime

Documented fact: 

  • When adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) pile up and reach a certain level, the outcome is often not good if left unresolved. 
  • High ACEs often mean whole host of issues for children in the present. Moving downstream in life, these negative consequences can show up again – but differently. 
  • Untreated trauma and toxic stress, heart disease, cancer, stroke, obesity, substance abuse, mental health issues, and whole host of negative behaviors and health risks.

The good news?
ACE-related issues are treatable.
And they can be improved, even prevented.

What are Adverse Childhood Experiences – ACEs?

A Community Responds

When an alarming 30% of teenagers self-report high ACE scores
(well above the national average), what does one do?

Orange County Indiana has faced its share of poverty and lack of opportunity – all contributors to adverse experiences in childhood. Thankfully, recent economic growth and changes have improved conditions in Orange County.

Major challenges still exist. Poverty. High-teen pregnancy rates. Domestic physical and sexual abuse. Substance abuse.

“When one sees that 30% rate, it’s an alarming figure one cannot ‘unsee.” – Brandy Terrell, behavioral professional and THRIVE Orange County executive director.

In 2019, concerned community leaders, educators and healthcare professionals recognized what was happening to the children of Orange County and areas of southern Indiana. Eyes opened when ACE tests administered to expectant and young mothers by the Southern Indiana Community Health Care group showed double-digit ACE scores.

It was time to get engaged. The community leaders began exploring how Orange County communities and schools could become trauma-informed and develop data-driven solutions. And THRIVE Orange County was born.

What’s your ACE score?

Take a free interactive ACE and Resilience Survey (courtesy of NPR).

Take the ACE & Resilience Survey

Many agencies and groups recognize the issues at hand. ACEs “have a tremendous impact on future violence victimization and perpetration, and lifelong health and opportunity,” according to the CDC.

The solution?
“Working together, we can help create neighborhoods, communities and a world in which every child can thrive.”

Childhood Roadmap for Communities Working Together

Employer Resource – Violence Prevention

A multi-dimensional approach – addressing challenges upstream

When a child experiences a variety of adverse situations that produce real trauma –
• not having enough to eat because of poverty
• being in the same room when a mother is beaten
• living with the consequences of parent or family addiction
• watching a parent being led off to jail
• or others equally negative
– the emotional impact is profound.

When these experiences accumulate, major issues arise both in the short- and long-term.

The good news? 
In Orange County, an emerging community safety net is in place. Educators, healthcare professionals, volunteer mentors, trauma-aware law enforcement officers, and community volunteers all stand ready to make a life-enhancing – and possibly life-saving – outreach to the child.

Thrive Orange County – Programs & Initiatives

More program details to come. Check back often.


School Programs

  • Project UNITE
  • Resilient Schools | Team Peace
  • Handle with Care
  • Early Childhood Education | On My Way PreK
  • School-Based Health Center (SBHC) Pilot Project 

Community Programs/ Grass Roots Initiatives

SICHC Clinical Programs

  • ACES Screening
  • Upstream Model
  • Recruiting & Developing Social Work Students
  • Research Project: Teenage pregnancy
  • Research Project: Effects of Covid of Orange Co

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