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How Your Child Can Have a Fun, Safe, and Healthy Summer

Jun 28, 2022

By Curtis Thill, M.D. Ready to have a great summer with your kids? When it comes to enjoying life, many can remember their fathers or mothers saying, “Health is your greatest wealth.” As a long-time...Read More 

Finding and Receiving Affordable Health Care

Nov 22, 2021

Are you currently without healthcare insurance and concerned about your health? Fearful of potential high medical costs, some people will delay seeing a doctor or other healthcare professional. A once...Read More 

Helping Your Child Adapt to Kindergarten

Helping Your Child Adapt to Kindergarten
Aug 11, 2021

by Kathryn Poole, Family Nurse Practitioner Being in kindergarten is a big step for your little one. But there are ways you can help your child mentally prepare for the transition and, along the...Read More 

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