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A Prescription for Renewal, Growth and Vitality

Spring into Health -- A couple happily gardening flowers
Mar 28, 2024

By Curtis Thill, M.D. Even after practicing medicine for more than 30 years, I am always amazed by the rejuvenating power of Spring. Here in southern Indiana right now, Spring is awakening nature in a...Read More 

Innovative Hope For Those Facing Substance Use Issues

Jun 15, 2023

Despite fading from mainstream news, the opioid and related substance use crises are still with us. In fact, according to Brittany Stout, a Family Nurse Practitioner, the opiate crisis has reached new...Read More 

What to Know about School-Based Health Care

School-based Healthcare
Aug 31, 2021

Have you heard the term “school-based health care” and wondered what it meant? Or maybe you thought it was just a case of the school nurse taking temperatures or dispensing over-the-counter remedies...Read More 

Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 update
Aug 5, 2021

by Yolanda Yoder MD At the beginning of the COVID pandemic spring 2019, we pledged to help keep our community informed so that they could make wise decisions. Now 1 1/2 years later, we are all tired of...Read More 

Telehealth Checklist: Preparing for Your Virtual Doctor Visit

Preparing for a Virtual Dr Visit
Feb 25, 2021

By Krisendra Markham – Quality and Data Manager, FMH Coordinator While telemedicine (delivering medical care at a distance) and telehealth (the electronic and telecommunications technologies...Read More 

5 Tips for COVID Mental Health

SICHC - 5 tips for covid mental health
Jan 27, 2021

  By Teresa Faulkner, Licensed Clinical Social Worker COVID-19 affects everyone, not just those who have caught the virus. Even if you haven’t been physically infected, you most likely have...Read More 

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