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Feeling Anxious or Blah this winter?

Light Therapy is one technique to help in overcoming Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
Jan 10, 2024

By Breanna White, LSW   Winter is here and with it comes some possible changes in one’s outlook. With short days, frosty weather, and slushy roads, we can see an uptick in feelings of the blahs and...Read More 

Innovative Hope For Those Facing Substance Use Issues

Jun 15, 2023

Despite fading from mainstream news, the opioid and related substance use crises are still with us. In fact, according to Brittany Stout, a Family Nurse Practitioner, the opiate crisis has reached new...Read More 

Q&A – SICHC Patient After Hours Nurse (AHN)

After Hours Nurse - Candice Cook-Cline
Aug 31, 2021

A nurse is always on-call to help.  By Candace Cook-Cline, LPN   Q. How do I contact the AHN, and when are they available? A. The AHN is available anytime the clinic is closed (early mornings, evenings,...Read More 

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