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We’re here for you!

Have you found yourself to be “out of care” over the past few years? Missed an annual wellness checkup or need services? During the challenging years of 2020-22 many people may have experienced inadvertent gaps in their typical preventive and routine care.

Further, during that unusual time many providers also worked very long and stressful hours. Those years left their mark.

It’s Time for Recovery and Well-Being!

Today, SICHC is joining with many other healthcare institutions to close any remaining gaps. In fact, we think of it as 21st century healthcare reinvented – empowering patients, supporting our healthcare heroes, and transforming services for all. We’re serious about this.

The good news? SICHC has expanded its healthcare staff to meet the needs of patients seeking renewed preventive and routine care. It’s a good time to get current and caught up!

Closing Gaps

In the days ahead we’ll be providing support for ongoing recovery and stabilization, including expanding our services to further close any gaps from patients previously delaying care. We’ll be focused on renewed preventive and routine care, as well as providing behavioral care services. We’ll help you proactively address chronic conditions and support any other situations arising from patients and families being “out of care” during the pandemic years.

Additional staff and resources mean we can better support our healthcare heroes. And that means elevated service for all!

If you’re seeking to catch up with any care or service that you missed during the past few years, we encourage you to contact us now. Let’s take care of business together – we’re here for you!

We at Southern Indiana Community Health Care are excited – we count it a privilege to now offer high-quality Primary Care, Women’s Health (obstetrics) services, Pediatric Care, and more to you and your family.

You’ll find that our services are comprehensive, patient-centered and accessible. It’s our respectful opportunity to provide the Lawrence County region with the highest quality of community-sensitive care based on Christ-oriented principles.


Pediatric Services

At SICHC we prioritize same-day appointments for sick infants, toddlers, school-aged children, and teens. Here are a few of the services we provide:

  • Well-Baby and Child Check-ups
  • Developmental Screenings
  • Integrated Mental Health and Behavioral care
  • Vaccinations & Immunizations
  • Teen health
  • Physicals for Youth Sports and Back-to-School
  • Minor injuries
  • Acute Illness Visits and Testing
  • Coughs, colds, strep/sore throat
    ◦ Ear infections
    ◦ Fever, vomiting, diarrhea
    ◦ Rashes and skin conditions

Please call one of our Lawrence County locations today.


Two Convenient Locations


2516 Q St

Currently the Community Health Care team is seeing patients at the former Bedford Ascension clinic facility at 2516 Q Street in Bedford. (We have a new facility under construction which will open in the fall of 2023 in Bedford’s Lincoln Street Plaza, but we’ll give you plenty of notice before we move).

To schedule appointments for Bedford please call: (812) 675-4470  (fax 812-675-4469)

Here is your provider team for Bedford:

DR Carrie Browne, SICHC
Carrie Browne, MD (Whole Family care)
Amanda Bowman, FNP (Prenatal care)
Amanda Bowman, FNP (Prenatal care)
Tricia Spoonmore, FNP-BC
Tricia Spoonmore, FNP (Whole Family care)
Lori Day, FNP
Lori Day, FNP (Whole Family and Wound care)







Join us in welcoming to our Bedford staff in October 2023 — Dr Nancy Stirling.

Dr Lindsey Stirling







2759 State Road IN-37

Two providers will be seeing patients at the new Southern Indiana Community Health Care facility at 2759 State Road IN-37, which is conveniently located in the same facility previously operated by the now-closed Ascension Health group.

To schedule appointments for Mitchell please call: (812) 992-5440 (fax 812-992-5441)

Here is your provider team for Mitchell:

Kristi Nissley, FNP (Whole Family care)
Melissa Ray, FNP
Missy Ray, FNP (Whole Family care & Prenatal care)


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