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Baby & Me: Tobacco Free Program

A tobacco cessation program for pregnant women living in Crawford, Harrison, Martin, Orange County, and Washington Counties. Provides pregnant women, who use tobacco products, with the tools needed to help them stop using tobacco and remain tobacco free; and tobacco cessation counseling for one qualifying support person living in the household. Pregnant mothers also receive  $27 diaper vouchers for each month the mother and support person test negative for tobacco use for up to 2 months prior to delivery and 12 months after delivery.  

Program Coordinator: Celena Shuff  |  |  812-849-4447


Hope Resource Center

(812) 275-2827  |  (In Bedford, IN)  |

Offers pregnancy services, STI testing, and educational programs. All services provided are free and confidential. 

We want to empower you make the most informed decision about your pregnancy as possible. Everyone is entitled to know the facts about their pregnancy and their options regardless of their financial situation. 


Find Daycare/Childcare Assistance (FSSA) (800) 299-1627 

Apply for Childcare Vouchers — (Pays for certified daycare, must have a job or be in school to apply). Website also offers assistance in finding safe and affordable childcare.  


SNAP (Food Stamps) Assistance (FSSA)

Please visit if you think you may be eligible for SNAP food assistance or TANF cash assistance.  

Call (800) 403-0864 with questions, or visit your local FSSA office.


L.I.F.E Family Resource Center

A learn and earn program providing maternity clothing, women’s clothing, baby clothing, diapers, supplies for babies/new mothers & baby furniture.  

Open by appointment only  |  (812) 797-3108


Safe Families for Kids

Offers free temporary foster-agreements with background checked families so individuals with substance use disorder without family support can attend treatment facilities without getting the Department of Child Services involved. You do NOT sign away guardianship, only grant permissions for fosters to handle schooling and medical needs.  

Can end services at any time, local foster families available.  (773) 653-2200


My Healthy Baby

For all of Indiana. Connect mothers to local support, can meet in home or public to discuss needs, concerns, and support.  (844) 624-6667


WIC (Women Infants and Children)

Orange County (Paoli)    (812) 723-4131 

Crawford County (Marengo)    (812) 365-2943 

Lawrence County (Bedford)     (812) 279-6222 

Washington County (Salem)    (812) 883-1394


Hoosier Hills Mobile Food Bank

Hoosier Hills MHB is not restricted to individuals living in the town/county of the food bank. You may also attend multiple or all giveaways in the multiple locations.  

• Bedford – 4th Tuesday of the month, 1:00pm-3pm
Sherwood Oaks Church Bedford, 508 Fellowship Drive  

• Mitchell – 4th Thursday of the Month, 1:00pm- 3:00pm
First Church of God, 405 N. 12th   St.  

• Orleans – 2nd Thursday of the month, 1:00pm – 3:00pm
Orleans Christian Church, 319 S. Maple St.  

• Shoals – 2nd Tuesday of the month, 2:00pm – 3:00pm
Fellowship Church, 122 Miller St.  


IU Health Nurse Family Partnership

For first-time mothers living in Brown, Greene, Lawrence, Monroe, Orange, and Owen Counties.  

New mothers are paired with a RN during the 28th week of pregnancy. The mother and nurse will decide where to meet. The nurse will visit weekly for the first four weeks after your enrollment, and then every other week until your baby is born. 

After the baby is born, the nurse will visit weekly for the first six weeks, then every other week until the baby reaches 21 months. Then, visits occur monthly until graduation on your baby’s second birthday. Visiting schedules may vary, depending on your specific needs and what you decide on with your nurse. Fathers and partners are encouraged to participate in visits, if appropriate. 

(812) 353-3200   |


All Options Pregnancy Center

Can help with options counseling for pregnant mothers, free diapers, baby clothes, period products, birth control, and other various resources.  

Located in Bloomington, services all of Indiana.  |  (812) 558-0089 


Work One – South Central Indiana

Can assist with assistance in finding employment, trade-school and college education opportunities, resume building, and various programming options that vary.  

Orange County  (Paoli)            (812) 723-2359 

Crawford County (English)      (812) 620-6892 

Lawrence County (Bedford)     (812) 279-4400 

Washington County (Salem)     (812) 620-6780 


Locate your Local Trustee (using your address)

Trustees can assist on various services such as rent, utility bills, and food assistance.  

(Note: services are limited and very by township)

Use this if you are an Indiana resident needing to know your local township 


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