Virtual Visit Instructions

How to Connect to Your Virtual Visit


Virtual Visit Instructions

Using the Link Sent from Our Office

Instructions for Virtual Visit using the link sent by text or by email.
1. If you are using a cell phone, you will need to download the FollowMyHealth App before pressing the provided link.

A) If you are using a Laptop or Desktop Computer, you do not have to Download any app, but your device MUST have Video and Audio Capabilities.

B) Click on the provided link.

2. In the bottom right corner, press GET STARTED

3. You will see the FollowMyHealth Logo, scroll down and press NEXT, if you already downloaded the app.

A) If you are a FMH user, you could be prompted to log into your FMH account.

B) If you do not remember that information, you can push your back option to go back to press the NEXT button.

4. Select Pre-Screened by SICHC Staff, in the “Reason For Visit” drop down box

5. Check the box next to “I have read and agree to the Terms of Use"

6. Press NEXT in the bottom right corner

7. Follow the steps to select your Camera, Microphone, & Speaker source

8. Press NEXT in the bottom right corner

9. Fill in  your demographic information, all fields with an asterisk are required. When selecting your DOB, please select your birth year first, then your month and day

10. Press NEXT in the bottom corner

11. You will now be added into the Virtual Waiting Room, where  you will wait until your provider joins the visit.

A) Once the provider Joins the visit, you will press the JOIN VISIT option that appears on your screen.

B) Then you will give the system a few seconds to connect the video.


FollowMyHealth on a Laptop/Desktop

Instructions if you are going to Check Into your Virtual Visit through your FollowMyHealth Patient Portal 
  1. If you are Using a Laptop or Desktop, your device MUST have Video and Audio Capabilities.

  2. If you are using your mobile device, you MUST download the FollowMyHealth App.

On a Laptop or Desktop

1. Go to!/default

2. Put in your username and password. Typically your username is automatically generated as your email

3. On the Right hand side of your screen you will the Appointments Box

A) In that Box you will see your scheduled Video Visit

4. Five (5) minutes before your scheduled time, you want to press the JOIN VISIT bubble

5. You may get a pop up box, with follow my health wants to know your location, Press Allow or Block

6. Join Video Visit Screen will appear, with Audio Video Settings, you may select your sources for each option if not preselected, then Press NEXT in the lower Right Corner

7. You will have the option to Add Attachments. If none is needed, Press NEXT in the lower Right Corner.

8. The Next screen will have you confirm your Phone Number and Pharmacy.  Make changes if needed.

A) Then Press GO TO VIRTUAL WAITING ROOM, in the lower right corner.

9. You will then get a pop up that reads VIRTUAL WAITING ROOM and it will provide your approximate start time.

10. (If your provider is running behind, you could be waiting longer than normal)

11. Once the provider STARTS the Video Visit, you both will be able to conduct your visit virtually

Using your FollowMyHealth App on Mobile Device

1. If your notifications on your App are enabled, you will get a Reminder when it is time to check in

2. Log into your App

3. A pop up will appear, Video Visit- Check in


5 You will have the option to Attach File(s), if none is needed, Press NEXT at the bottom of your screen

6. Confirm Phone number and Pharmacy

7. Press SUBMIT at the bottom

8. You will get a message that you are all checked in, and be provided with an approximate start time

A. (If your provider is running behind, you could be waiting longer than normal)

9. Press the OK button at the bottom of your screen

10. Now you will see the following message: “WAITING FOR PROVIDER”

11. Once the provider logs into their Dashboard, they will START VIDEO

12. Once the provider STARTS VIDEO, your will get a Pop Up or Notification, Video Visit Ready. Press YES, JOIN VISIT

13. Once you Press JOIN VISIT, you should be able to see your provider on your screen and your provider will be able to see you

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