Faisal Khatri

MD, Family Practitioner

Food is either your best medicine or the slowest form of poison.  As Hippocrates stated, “All disease starts in the gut”, and as grandma told us, “We are what we eat”, so Dr Faisal Khatri focuses on what we eat to prevent and reverse disease.  He believes Lifestyle Medicine is the future of medicine and can help you to improve your health and work on chronic disease conditions at their root instead of only treating the symptoms.

Faisal Khatri grew up in the Midwest in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Prior to medical school, he was a sergeant in the US Army.  Dr K likes wrestling with his sons, getting his hair done by his daughter, and pestering his wife, Megan.  He also enjoys NFL football, mixed martial arts, shooting / marksmanship, and studying history, philosophy, and other forms of healing and medicine.  He also likes to be involved in the community teaching and encouraging health.

He is board certified in Family Medicine and welcomes the opportunity to take care of the whole family at all stages, including obstetrics, pediatrics, in the office, in the hospital, and in the nursing home.

Dr. Khatri see patients at our Paoli office.