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Family Practice

We believe primary care is fundamental to our health care system. We believe a relationship with an excellent Family Physician is vital to your good health. We believe the relationship between you and your Family Physician should span all ages, multiple generations in a single family and multiple health care settings. We believe in educating and empowering our patients to care for themselves. SICHC has been providing quality care to all ages in Orange and Crawford Counties for over 40 years. At each of our four offices, our board certified Family Physicians and Family Nurse Practitioners consider it an honor to care for you and your loved ones.

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Nursing Home Care

Sometimes our loved ones require a level of care that cannot be provided at home. This could be short term rehabilitation of just a few weeks, or long term residential care. Your family physician, who knows your history, home situation and potential for improvement, is ideal to coordinate care in this residential setting. Our physicians and nurse practitioners care for patients at Medco in French Lick and Paoli Health and Living Community. This includes routine visits to see patients in those settings and daily phone calls to modify or update the care plan.


Sports Medicine

Of all the sports injuries, the brains of our young athletes are exquisitely complex.  A concussion leaves the brain vulnerable to devastating second-impact trauma.  Our ImPACT certified caregivers can help athletes through their concussions and determine the earliest time to get safely back into play.

SICHC also performs low cost exams for students participating in school athletics programs. Let us help you get in the game!

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At First Breath…

We welcome Becky Johnson,  the area’s first Certified Nurse Midwife to our team of board certified Family Physicians who will support you through your pregnancy. As our patients know, traveling near your delivery date is risky, and closer is better.  All of your OB care is available right here in your own home community. We work closely with IU Health Paoli hospital so that your office care flows smoothly with hospital services, from ultrasound, non-stress testing and eventual delivery.  We hear often from those who have delivered elsewhere then come here for the next, that obstetric services in Paoli are “the best kept secret of the county”.  The kind, friendly nurses and flexibility of birth choices, delivered by a supportive midwife or physician, creates a quality, unique birth center-like experience. And to top it off, you don’t need to find a new doctor for your baby. The same caretaker who already knows your family well is prepared and certified in neonatal care to be ready for your beloved, At First Breath.


Inpatient Care

A familiar face is a welcome sight when you need to be in the hospital. Our physicians are board-certified and highly skilled at coordinating with hospital staff to manage your inpatient care. Once you recover, we look forward to seeing you back in our office to keep you healthy!

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Our wee ones are special little treasures.  We work them in as a priority when they are sick, and their Wellness visits include vaccinations if they need them.We support breast feeding and manage newborn jaundice from the hospital onward. When your child outgrows the baby visits, you can bring them to our office for kindergarten roundup, school vaccines and low cost sports physicals. Even after you turn 18, you can keep coming to see your family physician!


Pulmonary Function Testing

Lung function testing is a simple breathing test done in SICHC Paoli to help diagnose lung conditions such as asthma, emphysema (COPD) and Chronic Bronchitis. This test is done by breathing into a small tube connected to a device called a Spirometer. The results can be compared with normal values and also with your own past results. This will help your physician or nurse practitioner diagnose and treat your lung problems.


CDL Exams

A CDL, or Commercial Driver’s License is required by state law in order to drive commercial vehicles. A CDL physical consists of a thorough health history and physical exam. SICHC has certified CDL examiners at all four of their locations.

Call (812) 723-3944 to set up an appointment!

After hours phone response for urgent medical issues

Most of your medical issues can be addressed at a routine daytime or evening office appointment, but we know that sometimes problems arise late in the day or on the weekend.  When you are experiencing an emergency, the closest hospital emergency room is your best care option.  For other urgent (but not emergency) issues, you may contact our office for an after hours phone contact.
Prescription refills are handled by contacting your pharmacy.