How Can You Help?

Your support makes it possible for us to provide more services to uninsured and underinsured patients through our Community Health Assistance Program (CHAP). We are working on establishing a Paypal option to make donations easier. Please check back! In the meantime, feel free to contact any of our four offices if you would like to make a donation to help SICHC provide the best service possible to Southern Indiana residents.

We are looking at a variety of projects over the coming year for fundraising and community outreach. If you would like to know about opportunities to participate, please fill out the contact form to the right. 

It is also important to let your state and national representatives know that you support community health centers like ours, especially in rural areas with underserved populations. Fill in the contact form at the right if you would like to be notified when important legislation affecting public health is being considered. Your voice makes a difference!


I'm In!

If there is any particular area of advocacy or volunteer work that interests you, please let us know!

Comprehensive Health Care


420 W. Longest St.
PO Box 270
Paoli, Indiana 


Valley Health Care


Valley Health Care
8163 West State Road 56,
Suite A West Baden, Indiana


Patoka Family Health Care


307 S Indiana Ave,
English, Indiana 


Crawford County Health Care


Crawford County Health Care
5604 E. White Oak Lane
Marengo, Indiana