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Simply put, our mission is to provide high-quality, community-sensitive health care. Southern Indiana Community Health Care (SICHC) is a non-profit health care organization that has been committed to providing a broad spectrum of primary health care to Orange and Crawford counties for more than 43 years.

To achieve our mission, SICHC is guided by the following values:

  • We value health care that is comprehensive, continuous and accessible by the people in our communities. 
  • We value health care delivery with compassion and concern for the whole person. 
  • We value being attentive to the needs of the materially poor, providing them access to health care at a reachable cost. 
  • We value delivery of health care by a team of professionals from various backgrounds working in a coordinated fashion to impact various areas of life.  
  • We exist as a resource to the community to support and develop systems which protect and enrich the lives of community members. 

downloadOur Story

In 1974, a group of nurse practitioners and physicians moved to Paoli after completing their medical training in Indianapolis. They were motivated to serve others by providing important basic health services to a medically under served, rural community. With the financial help of a Robert Woods Johnson grant, they ambitiously established Comprehensive Health Care in Paoli. The building housed a pharmacy, medical services, counseling, a dentist, and a health educator. In the next decade they expanded by adding an office in English and Orleans. They also contributed to the start up of local projects such as WeeCare child care services, WIC and a child health nutrition and immunization project.

Over the decades there have been changes in personnel and the addition of 2 other sites (Marengo and French Lick), but the basic mission remains--quality, broad-reaching health care to our local communities. This takes the form of office care for infants and children, pregnancy care, and adult health care, including hospital and nursing home settings.

Our providers have continued their commitment to ongoing service in many ways, both professionally and in community support through health education in schools, assisting with the schools' sport physicals and head injury program, working with recycling/creation care, promotion of the WOW wellness program, and in development of a community garden. As we look to the next decades, we continue to prepare ourselves for responding to ongoing community needs, including a midwifery program, mental health services, addiction management, nutrition, and wellness programs.

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Our Valley Health team
Our Valley Health team

Summer fun at the Community Garden
Summer fun at the Community Garden

Here to meet you, at first breath...
Here to meet you, at first breath...