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My nurse Donna is the absolute BEST! She goes over and above to help me and my family. She shows true compassion in everything she does. Dr.Waldron will be missed, he has been my families doctor for many years. He has prayed with me and my family on many occasions. The combo team of Dr. Waldron and Nurse Donna is what medical care should be.

I absolutely love Dr.Yoder and the office she is in. The nursing staff is friendly and informative as needed.

I really like Stephanie Frye. She listens to me and addresses my concerns.

I would ALWAYS rate SICHC high!! Absolutely love Shannon Dooley.

Candace was great on drawing blood and she got it right on the first stick. I want her to draw my blood on future testings.--Jennifer

Our success story is about the birth of our baby girl Cashlynn Emma Hedge. Dr. Yoder delivered her on February 24th, 2017. She was born healthy and was surrounded with family and friends. Dr.Yoder and the nurses did an amazing job making my delivery calm and exactly what I wanted.--Kelsey Hedge

I am writing this letter to let the administration of IU Paoli hospital know what a treasure they have in their obstetric department.
On April 30, my daughter delivered her first born at your hospital. From the moment we arrived (the previous evening), to the time she left, there was nothing less than excellent medical service. However, what is even more worthy of mentioning, is the personal attention we all received, including the family. The staff were in tune to the emotions, the preferences, and even the boundaries of my daughters wishes. Yet they did not compromise safety throughout the whole event.
In the end, an emergency C-section was performed- so impressive that once the decision was made, the whole C – section took place in a matter of minutes . The quick and the busy preparations required for such a C-section was present, however the alarming reality of the seriousness of the situation never caused any of us to fear. Wow, what a balance!Leah Mantooth lives over 1 1/2 hours from your hospital, yet she chose your hospital because of the warm, personal, yet professional environment within.
Dr. Yoder, Dr. Bruno, and others were more than we could've asked for. Paoli will be the first consideration for the next birth!!!
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for such a beautiful and memorable experience!--Tamera Browning

Since following Dr. Khatri's advice, E.K (97 years old) has regained his will to live. He has confidence in his doctor's advice. He has stopped having nightmares, his desire for a balanced diet has returned (including his appetite). His energy has improved and he wants to do small chores again. He has even helped one of his grandson's cut up timber from a storm.He even wants to hunt for mushrooms! He laughs with the smaller children and tells them stories about his past regarding his dogs and raccoon hunting. He has even resorted back to being sweet and affectionate.His whole family thinks he is 10 years younger. His confusion has cleared up and his memory has returned.--C.K (patient's wife)

My overall birth experience was wonderful. My doctors were very attentive and cared very much for all my needs. All the nursing staff was very friendly and ready to help. They made me feel at home. I was offered a lot of different pain management tools and I was explained to very thoroughly how to use all the different tools to my advantage.
The doctors and my midwife were wonderful. Extremely caring and always made sure my and my baby's health were most important.
This hospital has the knowledge of big city hospitals but gives you the home town comfort. They are also very efficient and get things done quickly.--Rachel Cheyenne Hardin

The overall care is really good. Dr.Yoder is very good

We love Dr.Yoder and her staff

Before being introduced to a good nutrition plan by Dr Khatri 45 days ago, I was a 69 year old junk food and sugar addict.  After 45 days on the program, I have experienced very good results with a reasonable amount of effort.  I almost eliminated sugar from my diet as well as my beloved diet colas.  The results have been great so far.  My joint pains have nearly disappeared, I’ve had a marked increase in energy and vitality, better sleep, an overall increase in well being. I look forward to continuing to improve my nutrition and life habits with the hope that some of my other medical issues will come under control without medications.--James Wagoner

Dr. Waldron diagnosed my breast cancer in September of 2001. I feel I owe him my life to his early detection and treatment. He has, with his staff,given me excellent care and follow up for nearly 18 years.In my opinion theirs is one of the best health care facilities anywhere. Thank you guys for all the health crises you have guided me through.

I left and went to another doctor's office. I soon found out that the other place was not so nice, didn't follow up with my calls, and I never spoke to the same person when calling back. This is just a group of nice, kind, and caring people at SICHC.--George

SICHC always attends to my needs in a timely manner, I am very happy with the overall care we receive from SICHC.

SICHC has excellent care and friendly service always

The doctor was very nice and asked many questions about my problems; the overall care with SICHC is very good.

Katie is outstanding! Always handles me with care. Very sweet and gets me taken care of. The NP was very nice and sweet. Listened and took notes, my kind of gal.

SICHC took the time to listen to me and was very helpful. The nurses are very professional and don't hurry you. Caring and professional staff.

Very nice nurse, everyone is always helpful, and pleasant.

SICHC got me in for an apt at short notice and the overall care was great!

Shannon Dooley is very sincere and compassionate.

Overall care would be a 10. They provided the care we needed and was quick. Not much of a wait

Everyone is friendly here.

The overall care at SICHC is great. Dr. Yoder is so polite and made me feel very comfortable and taken care of.

Really love this place, they are very attentive of your needs. They really care, you're not just a name.

Shannon Dooley is one good doctor, she is good with people.

On a scale 1-10, SICHC would be a 10, don't know where I would be without them...amazing, caring, and professional..ALWAYS

The overall care at SICHC is perfect, all of the providers are excellent

On a scale 1-10, I would rate SICHC a 10. I love the care that I receive there and I wouldn't want to go anywhere else.

Dr.K does a wonderful job.


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